Winning Pick 4 Midday numbers for Saturday October 17, 2020? The results are in: are you holding …

Today’s Pick 4 Midday results are in. Here are the winning numbers for Saturday October 17, 2020

It’s time to check if you are holding the winning Pick 4 Midday ticket. Born2Invest covers every Pick 4 Midday drawing and gives you the results immediately.

The numbers for the Pick 4 Midday drawing on Saturday October 17, 2020 are as follows:

Did you get lucky today or not? Remember, you can come back to this page shortly after each draw in order to find out if you are holding the winning numbers.

Incredible lottery opportunities you can play right now:

Did you know that… You can purchase lottery tickets in total security online? You can also play games like roulette, blackjack or slots and casino games via any number of reputable and licensed operators. Finally, if you don’t like playing with cash, you can also engage in Bitcoin-only games. But always make sure if it is legal to play in your jurisdiction.

Since lotteries first began in 205BC people have been working on ways to beat the odds and guarantee themselves a winning ticket. Millions of words have been written about techniques, tips, and tricks that will supposedly help you get the winning numbers. Unfortunately these are largely wasted breath and there is no golden strategy that will guarantee a win. Predicting lottery numbers is like counting the number of stars in the sky, it takes a long time and you’ll probably be wrong.

Thankfully there are some tested techniques that can help give you an advantage:

Celebrities, authors and journalists have mused about the lottery for centuries. Among a sea of quotes, here are a couple of great ones about the lottery:

But a lottery isn’t meaningless. Someone has to win.” ― J.G. Ballard

I guess I think of lotteries as a tax on the mathematically challenged.” ― Roger Jones

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