What you need to know about Keno slot machines

When it comes to slot machines, you are certainly going to find quite a number of different categories of those gaming machines available, no matter where you choose to play, and you will also find quite a lot of what are known as Keno machines too.

You can also find some really good in-depth guides online like the one by Jacob Atkinson from SOSgame.com that will give you an insight into how to win at keno slot machines, which are certainly proving popular with players.

What you need to know about Keno slot machines

Keno is a Number Predicting Game

To first have any chance of winning when playing Keno, you will of course need to be aware of how that game has been designed and structured.

Be aware though that there are several different variants of Keno that you will come across in all playing environments. However, the most basic game of Keno is simply a number predicting game, you are tasked with trying to predict a group of numbers that will be drawn out of the Keno machine.

You can often pick from one number up to ten numbers, from one to eighty and each game will have its own pay table which will give you an insight into what you stand to win, based on just how many numbers you have matched on your Keno Card with those that were fired out of the Keno Machine, the more you match the more you will win is the general rule.

Best Keno Game Variants to Play

You will be hard pressed to find another casino game that is as fast playing as Keno, and as such one thing you will always be able to do when playing it is fire through a huge number of games per session.

That does however mean that you do stand the chance of losing quite quickly, but there is of course always the chance you could win and possibly win big when playing too.

As for just which variant of Keno is going to be the best one to play, well keep in mind each game will offer you a range of different number groupings that you can bet on, and each one will come with its own unique long term expected payout percentage.

So, the best variant of Keno to play to get more winning payouts over your long term play is the one that has the best payout percentages attached to each number grouping.

That information will often be found on the game play rules attached to each game, or on the pay table, or you may find it on the website of the casino you are playing at, so look that information up is my advice.

Different Types of Keno Machines

Whilst most Keno machines are remarkably similar in their design and structure, you are going to come across some rather unique variants when playing online or even on a mobile device.

I have recently seen some variants that will offer a bonus game or bonus feature of some type. One version of Keno I did enjoy playing was a game on which if you do match some of the numbers with those drawn out of the machine and have a winning payout, you can pay an additional fee to get one or two additional numbers drawn out of the machine.

By taking that option you do have an increased chance of matching any numbers you have not yet matched on your Keno card and could be lucky enough to then match one or two of them and achieve a much higher valued winning payout.

But keep in mind the opposite is also true and you may not form a higher winning payout but will have paid an additional fee for those extra balls, which over the long term if you continually take that option and do not achieve additional payout will out a dint in your gambling bankroll.

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