What info do Gaming and Casinos share with each other on AP’s

Posting anonymously for 2 reasons. First, to mask my general location. Second, to protect the identity of a pit critter contact who (though not likely) could be linked to me.

Today, I had a lengthy text exchange with this individual from another city. In the past, I have mentored him on certain strategies and he/she has shared certain casino procedures with me. Today, he/she initiated the text exchange to warn me of general changes in subject marketplace. To wit: Increased backoffs on a geometric level across several stores, reduced deck penetration over several stores. Part of the warning included the stores knowledge of my last name, though it’s never been provided.

Part of the exchange centred around stores and gamIng exchanging information on AP’s. At least in this jurisdiction, and I’d like comment on others, stores are apparently providing backoff information to Gaming. Gaming apparently provides bulletin type info, including pictures of suspected AP’s. To be clear, information exchange occurs on non criminal activity. Information to stores, occurs well above pay grade of pit personnel and filters to the pit.

There’s more information that I can share, however, to do so could be compromising.

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