what are they, how to use and command list 2020

what are they, how to use and command list 2020

Check out our list of commands for Roblox 2020.

Roblox is characterized by being one of the online multiplayer with similar functions to Minecraft. The big difference is that here you will have access to a great variety of servers or multiuniverses that will give you full hours of entertainment and fun.

Fortunately, it is a multiplatform system and you will not need advanced equipment to start playing for free, since the requirements demanded by the game are minimal.

In addition, you will have the possibility to modify the appearance of your character, be manager of your own maps and have access to a large number of special emotes to give your character movement.

Therefore, in this article we will teach you what are Roblox commands, how to use them and a complete list so that your avatar can dance and perform other actions within the game.

What are Roblox Commands?

They are a series of English letter and symbol codes that give your avatar the ability to perform some movement or action.

Roblox commands to give movement to your character this 2020

exist emote special commands that you can use on any server and admin commands that focus on performing actions of another level, such as flying, exploding and even kicking someone out of the video game.

How to use them?

Get into a game of Roblox.
Press the key « / » on the keyboard to display the chat window.
If you want to see the list of commands that comes by default in the system, type « / Help » or « /? » and later « Enter ». If instead you prefer to use an emote, place a command from our list.

Enter a Roblox server and activate the chat window to type the command

All Roblox commands for dancing and other actions

Default commands

/ e wave – The player waves.
/ e point – The player takes aim.
/ e cheer – The player cheers.
/ e laugh – The player smiles.
/ e dance – The player shows a dance style.
/ e dance2 – Player shows second dance style.
/ e dance3 – Player shows third dance style.
/ e sleep – The player sleeps.
/ e wave – The player waves.
/ e thumbsup – The player will like with his thumb.
/ e beg – The player begs for his life.
/ e blowkiss – The player blows.
/ e bow – The player bows with his hands.
/ e cell – The player makes a call.
/ e watch – The player looks around.
/ e excited – The avatar jumps with excitement.
/ e cheer – The player cheers on other players.
/ e chestpuff – player opens a chest.
/ e choke – The player chokes.
/ e clap – The player claps.
/ e confused – The player is confused.
/ e flirt – The player flirts with others.
/ e no – The player denies something.
/ e drink – The player drinks.
/ e head – The player takes his head.
/ e eat – The player eats.
/ e strong – The player shows his muscles.
/ e fistpound – The player raises his fist.
/ e flex – The player does push-ups.
/ e pose – The player strikes an enthusiastic pose.
/ e laugh – The player laughs.
/ e evillaugh – The player laughs as an evil.
/ e observe – The player alerts the rest to observe
/ e pickup – The player picks something up.
/ e picture – The player takes a photo.
/ e read – The character reads.
/ e rude – rude player.
/ e salute – The player salutes.
/ e search – The player searches.
/ e smokebomb – The player will launch a smoke bomb.
/ e bringit – Player performs a gesture.
/ e wary – The player will tiptoe.
/ e cry – The player cries.
/ e shake – The player shakes.
/ e rest – The player rests.

All this Roblox emote list they are totally free. If you don’t like them or you already have them, you can pay a emote pack from the store, with prices from 80 Robux up to 1000 Robux.

What about the commands for administrators?

In Roblox not only can you have commands to make your avatar dance and bring to life, but also, you can access the entire list of commands for Roblox as long as you are administrator or moderator.

Administrator commands give you privileges that you should not pass up

Read our guide to how to be an admin on Roblox and discover all the commands that you can access on the platform. Here you will not need to write any emote in the chat, since you will have them available on the left side of the screen.

This is a plus that you will give your character and also very fun, especially since with such privileges you can keep the community safe and secure of those who try to damage its operability.

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