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Video poker project for Lynbrook Intro to CS.



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Video poker project for Lynbrook Intro to CS. This supports a graphical user interface, audio, and online multiplayer.




Single Player



With audio:

python3 --audio



With audio:

python3 --audio

Double Player

  1. On each client, run python3
  2. One person must enter player 1 and the other must enter that he or she is player 2.
  3. Once Sending has started, run python3 on the machine which will host this.
  4. In the clients, enter your name (5 chars or less).
  5. Enter in the number of credits you have.
  6. Enter how much you want to bet.
  7. Enter the indeces of the cards you want to hold.
  8. Enter Y to continue or N to stop.
  9. The winning player is displayed in the terminal with

Other notes

  • This project was made in an introduction to computer science class. Because of this, the code quality is not up to great standards.
  • If running with audio is not working on your computer, you need to install vlc media player of the same version as your python. Example: for 32 bit python, you need 32 bit vlc.
  • The multiplayer funcitonality uses predefined accounts on the Free Internet Chess Server. Therefore, two people cannot run the multiplayer at the same time. To change the anonymous accounts used, change the constants in We did not know about servers during this project.


Video poker project for Lynbrook Intro to CS.


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