Vic Clubs take $77m in Pokies revenue

1. The Age G. Baum 21.8.17

Baum said, re respected & experienced finance journalist A. Kohler

“Kohler said he hated pokies.’Yeah, so do I’ said Goyder”.

“The context is that Victorians lost about $94m last year on pokies owned by football clubs (Vic. AFL clubs- my words) at 17 venues around Melbourne”.

2. Poker machines are vile, & create enormous levels of human misery/family breakups/devestation etc.

Their nos. are vastly & cynically overrepresented in cities, & regions in the countryside, where persons on much lower socio-economic backgrounds reside.

The lower income demographics, by a very wide margin, are the major victims of the vile machines- which are psychologically designed to be addictive for many vulnerable people.

Fortunately, their future is very doubtful now (at least generating the revenues they have traditionally attracted).
All people who want to play in NSW will need to first apply for a govt. supplied Pre-Commitment Card (The legislation is certain to be introduced in NSW, as the NSWLNP govt. has obtained majority support in the Upper House). Pokie dens will become totally cashless, ID will be required to play, & losses will be limited to the loss that the player previously nominated for themselves. Relatives etc. can apply to have problem gamblers banned from all dens.

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