Two Gambling Establishments Raided | Hood County Today

Two gambling establishments raided
On 1-22-21 Hood County Sheriff’s Office
Investigators conducted raids on 2 different
gambling operations in Hood County.
One at the 2600 block of West Hwy. 377
and the second one at 6000 block of Fall
Creek Hwy.
A total of 88 eight-liner machines were
seized during the execution of the 2 search
The gambling establishments in question
facilitate other criminal activity, such as
selling of illegal drugs and stolen property.

The case is still under investigation and
arrests are pending for the people
responsible for operating a gambling

Quote from Sheriff Deeds:
“Gambling in the State of Texas is illegal and
will not be tolerated in Hood County. They
provided a safe place for outlaws and I am
happy with the outcome of this

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