Total Field Goals Scored Prop Bet Super Bowl 2021 Payouts – Chiefs vs. Bucs

The total industry goals bet that is prop for Super Bowl 2021 ranged from $270 to $2000 on a $100 bet or $27 to $200 on a $10 bet.


Total Field Goals Scored Moneyline
4051 0 Field Goal
4052 1 Field Goal
4053 2 Field Goals
4054 3 Field Goals
4055 4 Field Goals
4056 5 Field Goals
4057 6 or more Field Goals

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The longest field goal prop bet.

In Super Bowl XXVIII, Christie set a Super Bowl record by kicking a field goal that is 54-yard. It really is presently the field goal that is longest ever manufactured in Super Bowl History.

Here are your chances for Super Bowl 55:

Rot Longest Field Goal Scored Moneyline
4058 Over 47½ Longest FG
4059 Under 47½ Longest FG

The quickest field objective prop bet features a total of OVER/UNDER 27.5.

– Don Shapiro,

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