Top Trends impacting Online Gaming today

Compared to other industries, online gaming has witnessed an unprecedented growth which is likely to continue well into the year 2021 and beyond. With a booming industry and more and more people choosing it as a way of entertainment, be it the online casino sector or the online gaming market in its entirety, businesses have grown significantly well. With such beneficial results and high lucrativeness, it’d be interesting to see some emerging trends.

Fast Gameplay

One of the most desired aspects of gameplay, speed is the need of the hour. Consumers’ attention span is decreasing globally and hence quick-to-play games have become ever more essential. Most online companies have now risen to the challenge and are in business offering new ways to speed up the gaming process for the players.

Online Slots

Thanks to incredible advancements in technology, players can now access a huge array of online slots at any given point in time. For instance, a reputed platform such as JackpotCity online casino a wide range of online slot games with a big winning potential. Other than that, you can also enjoy other games like blackjack, poker roulette and more.

Cross-Platform Gaming

The Xbox and PlayStation battle is a popular topic in the gaming industry, where it was imperative to choose only one console and purchase games in that particular system, unless one could afford buying both consoles. Having surpassed this challenge, games developers have now come out with content that can be played on either console, or even enable cross play between the Nintendo switch and PC.


eSports has been gradually progressing in terms of giving more validation to gaming and to players who’d like to turn it into a professional career. With copious amount of money and success stories of players who’ve risen through the ranks owing to their dedication and gaming skills reflects on the competitive nature of eSports and the ease with which it can cultivate a huge following. In fact, in the wake of the global shutdown, eSports Leagues have taken the lead in the online gaming business. The continued growth for mobile gaming will mould the kind of games created and the way players engage on mobiles. The rise in eSports will also influence the type of games that will be developed.

Cloud Gaming

Despite its slow growth, there are some big names that have invested in technologies like Cloud Gaming or Gaming-as-a-service, which allows users to forgo the need to purchase a console and have games available to them through a reliable internet connection instead. While the cloud technology has fundamentally altered the way consumers’ access software, the online gaming industry lags behind a bit in that respect. With features like peer-to-peer gaming, progressive downloading and game streaming, cloud gaming services can enable a particular game to be made available on multiple platforms.

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