Top 5 Super Bowl 55 Prop Bets – Oddsmakers Get innovative

It’s of Super Bowl week and bettors are now honing in on the odds that intrigue them the most friday. With that in mind, we’ve decided to offer up our top five bets that are prop Super Bowl 55 that do not only lead to interesting chances, but also expose information regarding the drama prior to Sunday night’s championship matchup.

Bovada Online Sportsbook has published their typical glut of Super Bowl prop wagers, nevertheless the after lines fall beyond your norm and provide a glimpse into just what watchers can get to see in this year’s that is particular.

How Many times will Bill Belichick be mentioned?

  • Over 1 Times -370
  • Under 1 Times +260

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick has won more Super Bowls than anyone else, but all of them were captured while his quarterback that is starting was Brady. This season marks Brady’s year that is first outside of New England, and he’s already led the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to Super Bowl LV.

Because of this oddball relationship between Brady and his former head coach, announcers and analysts will not be able to resist talking about Belichick and how his legacy will be affected if Tampa Bay can win Super Bowl 55.

If Tom Brady’s team wins on Sunday night, it’ll be his 7th Lombardi, which will grant him one more than his former head coach and will prove to his critics that all of those years of success with the Patriots had more to do with his skill as a QB than it had to do with Belichick’s play calling.

The above prop bet excludes the halftime show and all commercial breaks, so rush that is don’t gather your winnings once you see Belichick on an ad for Subway.

Super Bowl LV MVP Winner

  • Patrick Mahomes Or Tom Brady -500
  • Any Other Player +330

Super Bowl MVP prop wagers typically provide a large number of players to pick from on both rosters, putting cash line chances close to their names that suggest their odds of becoming the absolute most valuable player for the game.

This prop eliminates most of the players that are extra allows bettors to lay action on the SB LV MVP trophy being awarded to either quarterback. QBs win the MVP of the Super Bowl over 50% of the right time, therefore wagers on Mahomes and Brady to make the honors calls for risking $5 to make $1 due to the -500 odds.

just what Is likely to be Mentioned First?

  • Tom Brady’s 10th Super Bowl -185
  • Tom Brady’s Age (43) +140

once you’ve existed so long and also have accomplished up to Tom Brady has, you can’t assist but gain the full years to go along with the SB titles. Because of his longevity and success, his age that is advanced of and their tenth look in a brilliant Bowl will definitely be mentioned by those within the broadcast booth. Age typically comes before beauty, yet not in cases like this as their SB that is tenth appearance predicted to be mentioned first.

Will Either Kicker Hit The Upright Or Crossbar On A Missed Field Goal Or Extra Point?

  • Yes +290
  • No -430

There have been an amount that is extraordinary of objectives and additional points which have struck the crossbar in this season’s NFL Playoffs. A culprit that is main the uptick is likely due to extra-point attempts now requiring a 35-yard field goal instead of 20-yards like it used to be, but that rule has been changed for years now.

Bets on yes can be profitable to the tune of 2.9x the amount wagered.

Will The Super Bowl Not Be Played Or Not Be Completed On Feb 7th?

To round out our favorite prop bets for this year’s Super Bowl, Bovada is producing lines that are several were influenced by their prop builder submissions. They’ve got all of them put together under a #Whatsyawager header on the internet site.

Several wagering choices can be obtained such as the line above, with numerous featuring 2 or 3-tiered bet that is prop with astronomically profitable money line odds. Sadly, the above odds on the cancelation of Super Bowl LV are not unlikely enough, and represent a chance that is realistic of game being delayed or otherwise not played at all.

Hopefully, the above mentioned Super Bowl wagering chances don’t money in and COVID-19 does not cause any dilemmas this Sunday. Here’s longing for a great, competitive game and that the NFL can effectively obtain the 2020-21 period within the publications.

Source: CBS Sports

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