The Super Bowl 55 Covid Prop Bet

Super Bowl prop bets reflect a team’s character and outside influencers. Case in point, throughout Tom Brady’s historic big game appearances, prop bets were not complete without an option to bet on his sexy wife being shown during the game.

2021 is no different. Unfortunately, the past year has been characterized by zero to limited number of fans attending games and players entering a quarantine period due to Covid-19.

As such, BetOnline is offering a pandemic prop bet on the Over/Under number of players who will miss a game due to Covid.

Over 1.5 (+225)
Under 1.5 (-350)

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has stated that the league successfully implemented mitigation strategies to limit COVID-19 outbreaks up to this point. In additon to mask wearing, the NFL required players to wear “proximity devices” when in club facilities in order to track interactions among individuals.

The wearable devices rely on a sensor to measure the “distance and duration of contact” between two individuals, which ensures that contact tracing can be accurately performed in the event of a positive case.

Covid-19 still hit the NFL hard with some games having to be suspended during the course of the regular season. Other teams were forced to play while missing significant numbers of key position players.

For the Super Bowl, teams can ill-afford to have players missing the big game.

– Don Shapiro,

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