The amazing 7-day lottery winning plan you can start right now


Retired couple Denis Graham and his wife Mary won a £4.5m UK lotto jackpot. But it took them 20 years after they first started playing the lottery. Here’s how they could have won faster…

“Don’t give me wordy advice – I just want the steps to win fast!” That’s the kind of request I read everywhere today, because people are stressed out, suffer information overload, and don’t know who to trust.

So I gathered together a list of the steps you can do to get started right now to begin winning the lottery.

But whatever you do, start now. Most people wanting to change say they will start Monday… they say it’s a fresh start at the beginning of the week.

I get that, but it doesn’t work for fast winners because there’s no better time than the present to make changes. Delaying it just puts it further away. So start now, while you’re reading this. No better time than the present.

Here’s what you do:

Day 1: Start now. Grab a coffee and come back here again.

Then go to the Winners tab and start flicking through the hundreds of testimonials there. See the huge variety of wins. They’re in no particular order – so you’ll have to dig to see the gems.

From $22.2 million down to a few hundred dollars, they’re all genuine authentic winners. And get this – every single winner was in your position at one point… wanting to win. Use their words as inspiration, there are some great winning stories there.

Day 2: Figure out what parts of the System you’re going to start with.

The more ammunition you have, the easier it is to hit your goals. That means getting everything I offer:

That’s my whole System, it’s simple to use and it’s all you’ll ever need for the road to winnings ahead.

Day 3: Choose what game will you play. Your selection is very important.

A game with poor odds with high numbers of balls and numbers is harder to win than a game with better odds with low numbers.

To find out which game in your area has the best odds, use the Star Rating on your LottoPredict chart.

Avoid the 1-Star games…the chances of winning consistently here are slim unless you use the PRO Custom Profiles for them.

Go for the 3-Star rated games instead, even if it means a smaller jackpot. It’s easier to pick the low-hanging fruit than it is to scale to the top of the tree.

Day 4: How often will you play, and on what days?

It’s easy for me to tell you to play each game every week, but many of us are on a strict budget. You can get results with $10-$20 a game minimum using my System, but the truth is you’ll win more faster with every extra dollar you spend.

If that means waiting through a few games to play $50 worth, then that’s what you should do. Play fewer games with more tickets.

The best day to play is the time when few other players play. It could be because:

  • The jackpot is low, since many players want the jackpot to reach a certain limit before they will play. Play that day.

  • Or it could be a day that is wet (hurricanes, earthquakes and pestilence) which stops many players from going out.

To find which are the popular days talk to your lotto store and ask them. So why does this matter to us? Less competition. Because the fewer players in your game, the less chance of us sharing any of the prizes with them.

Day 5: How much will you spend on each game?

Take a close look at the Mega Millions winners in the photo. Can you believe they played $20 a game for 25 years, spending $26,000 over that time? They used the game’s quick pick option, which we all know is a useless, slow way to win.

Using my System and LottoPredict, you could make that $20 a game pay off in a far quicker time, maybe even days or weeks. The more you spend, the better your chances. But using all the tools I give you is even better.

Day 6: How can you stay enthusiastic about winning?

Keep reading positive material on this Lotto Life blog. Definitely avoid the news and stories about lottery losers. I’ve written thousands of newsletters and blog posts over the years, and the one topic you’ll rarely hear from me is stories about losers – apart from the ones who missed out on a win by not playing, or not using my System.

So my stories and advice are always about making the most from your situation and staying positive about winning. And I write about ways you can retain your win to get the best from it – even growing it through sensible investing.

After all, it can be the only time you’ll ever get a large sum of money in your life… so you have to make it work for you. So read me instead of the bad news outlets, I’m always positive.

Day 7: Take a break from planning today and get a Winner’s Circle membership.

Relax and let me do the work for you. This exclusive membership means that for around a dollar a day I play the lottery for you, and you get to share in any wins. See more details here:

So how did you do?

Think you can do all these 7 points ready for your next game? I’m certain you can. And to make sure, I give you free coaching when you buy my System, just to make sure you understand it.

All you do is go to the Support website I give you after you’ve bought and ask any question you need.

But you need to act now. You’re not getting any younger, my products never get any cheaper, and the next game is fast approaching. Get everything you need from Day 2, and start winning at last.

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