The 2020 IRS 1040 income tax type line 30 has my mind rotating in a dilemma.

i’ve browse the 1040 instruction manual pertaining to line 30 “page57,and58” and all sorts of we see is contradictions. Particularly on these following two applying for grants what’s considered a valid security that is social.

1, The manual says on page 57 a valid SS # includes someone who died in 2020 if you are preparing a return for that person “joint return in my case”.

2 on one hand The page that is next a valid social security number is one that is valid for employment in the United States and is issued before the due date of your 2020 return(including extensions).

For me, this involves both the first and second impact that is economic. The EIP that is first were received and cashed by both my late wife and myself for a total of $2400. The EIP that is second failed to come and I also plan to have them through the data recovery rebate credit on the web 30. Nevertheless, i’m unsure for $600 if I can claim for both $1200 in a joint return or only for myself. Plus I am not sure if I have to return $1200 for the EIP that is first had been gotten by my partner.

Actually after thinking US citizens with a SS card are considered valid for the EIP.(*)Anyone have some experience in this area about it both #1 and 2 of the above quotes seems like people who died in 2020 and were? I would appreciate a thoughts that are few you.

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