Tax help- fanduel withheld 11,000$ in winnings

Hey guys- fanduel is refusing to help me out with this. Was hoping to see if anyone has any experience regarding this.

I won a monster same game parlay late in the NFL season for a 53k hit. They withheld 11k for taxes. Well I got my win loss statement for 2020 and even if that win. I had a net -16k gambling loss. So how the heck do they keep the 11k for taxes when I was a net loser for the entire year? Do I get that money back or deducted on my taxes? If so how? Or am I just beat?

Not sure which is more shocking- hitting a 53k parlay and still being down 16k… or the fact that not a single fanduel employee knows anything about taxes or how it works. Thanks

Edit: it was 2 parlays totaling 53k+ and they with held 15k taxes not 11k. Shit

same game parlay ticket + withheld taxes

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