‘SNL’: John Krasinski shares kiss with Pete Davidson, gets arrested for participating in Capitol riot

Rasha Ali


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John Krasinski sharing a smooch with Pete Davidson and getting arrested for participating in the Capitol riot earlier this month is not something we had on our 2021 bingo card, but “Saturday Night Live” continues to surprise us.

Krasinski hosted “SNL” for its first episode of 2021, but couldn’t seem to shake his “Office” character, Jim Halpert. Krasinski took the stage to share how honored he was to host one of his favorite show, but the “A Quiet Place” director was interrupted by questions about “The Office” from members of the audience.

“Hey, Jim. I have a question… So my question is you’re Jim from ‘The Office’?” asked Alex Moffat before asking him where Pam was.

Krasinksi responded: “Nope, I’m actually John. Hello.” He added that “Pam is a fictional character.”

Ego Nwodim told Krasinski he needed to stop working out because “Jim is soft.” Kenan Thompson stood up and told the host he needs to “kiss Pam.” “That is what I need to say today,” Thompson said.

Pete Davidson then showed up by Krasinski’s side to explain that everyone was asking about Pam because they were binge-watching “The Office” while quarantining.

“I think they really need for someone to be Pam,” Davidson told Krasinski. “I think we got to give them what they want. Jim, I think you have to kiss Pam.”

Krasinski and Davidson then shared a kiss to cheers from the audience.

A few sketches down the line, Krasinski finds himself at his friend’s home for a game night with five other friends who are in a “quarantine pod.”

The friends are all sitting around the living room getting ready to start playing a game, when the doorbell rings. Their friend Brad opens the door thinking it’s the pizza delivery, but instead it’s an FBI agent arresting Brad for participating in the Capitol riot.

“Because I care about our nation and its Constitution, so I wiped jelly on a statue and put (Nancy) Pelosi’s phone down my pants,” Brad explained to his friends who asked why he’d do such a thing.

This cycle continued on, with the doorbell ringing and the friends thinking they’re getting pizza when in actuality, it’s more FBI agents arresting them one by one until it’s Krasinski’s turn.

“Are you Keith Reynolds?” the undercover FBI officer asked Krasinski.

Krasinski responded: “Yes, or QDaddy on Facebook.”

He proceeds to walk out with the officer and carries what appears to be the lectern of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, mimicking Adam Christian Johnson dubbed “podium guy” from the Capitol riot Jan. 6.

“Good day all,” Krasinski said as he left.

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