Lexy Gavin is a professional poker player, coach, and speaker. She was rated the #1 female player at the WSOP in 2019 and recently the GPI Female Player of the Year for 2020. She will soon be launching her own training site after spending years working with other training sites such as pokercoaching.com.

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Time Stamps

02:25 Introduction to Lexy Gavin
04:23 Lexy talks about GPI
12:01 The other parts of Lexy’s non-playing world and coaching
13:52 What are Lexy’s clarities?
15:40 What are some tips that can be applied widely for the people that they’re targeting
16:58 Are they sensing people’s demand of making the game a bit more easy?
17:59 How being a woman is different in the poker world
18:56 What Lexy enjoys the most in the poker world
20:28 What is Lexy’s poker dream for the next five years of her career?
21:00 What will her site have that is more appealing for women in poker?
30:16 John: RecPoker updates

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