Printable Super Bowl 55 Props Sheet

Printable Super Bowl props sheet

Make sure your Super Bowl party is complete with a props sheet for all types of football fans.
  • Every good Super Bowl party has a props sheet for everyone to fill out
  • offers one for the hardcore football fan and one for the more casual fan
  • Download and print your Super Bowl 55 props sheet below

Whether you’re able to gather safely for a Super Bowl party this Sunday (February 7), or are holding one virtually, your party still needs a printable props sheet. As always, has you covered.

And while we know everyone is capable of asking questions and circling some answers on a sheet, we are aware that some people watching the Super Bowl this year don’t know who Bruce Arians or Clyde Edwards-Helaire are. So instead of shoehorning all types of fans into one sheet, we offer two: one for the hardcore football fan, and one for the more casual fan. (I like to fill out both!)

You’ll find both printable props sheets for Super Bowl 55 below, and will want to follow @SBD on Twitter or bookmark this page to come back for the live answers. (See the bottom of the page.)

Super Bowl Props Sheet for Hardcore NFL Fans

>> Download Super Bowl Props Sheet for Hardcore Football Fan <<

Just so everyone is clear, any time you see a “___” (blank line) in the sheet, it requires you to fill out your own answer. When choosing an answer for Question 16, make sure you consider the “-30.5” next to Mahomes’ name. This means he has 30.5 yards taken from his total at the end of the game. Also, in Question 15, the 4th quarter option includes overtime, should the game be tied after 60 minutes.

Super Bowl 55 Odds Tracker

Don’t forget to fill out the tiebreaker question at the bottom, as well. It seems my Super Bowl parties have a tie on at least one sheet each year.

Super Bowl Props Sheet for the Casual Fan

>> Download Super Bowl Props Sheet for Casual Fan <<

A couple notes for clarification: (1) in Question 5, I will check Amanda Gorman’s Instragram account the moment halftime of Super Bowl 55 begins; (2) in Question 14, the 4th quarter option includes overtime; (3) in Question 25, the Super Bowl MVP does not have to explicitly say “thank you” to anyone, just reference them first in order for it to be the winning choice.

As is the case in the hardcore sheet, be sure everyone fills out the tiebreaker question at the bottom.

Props Sheet Answers

Question Hardcore Props Sheet Answer Casual Props Sheet Answer

I’ll be updating the table above live during Super Bowl 55 as each answer comes up.

Need Some Help Filling Out Your Props Sheet?

In the days leading up to Super Bowl 55, I’ll also drop some links below to our other props articles for those looking for a little help in filling out their sheets.

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