Previous MGM Resorts Exec Bobby Baldwin Hired as CEO of Drew vegas

Bobby Baldwin, a former CEO of MGM Resorts, is employed by the Witkoff Group to provide in a role that is similar the upcoming Drew Las Vegas, a lavish hotel and casino that will, if things go as planned, open in 2022.

The Drew, as it is affectionately known, is the name that is new of home once called the Fontainbleau. Nonetheless, the Fontainbleau, that has been partially built over about ten years ago, ended up being never ever finished. The business that initially constructed the building filed for bankruptcy during 2009. As a result of too little appropriate economic preparation, the construction stopped that year.

Fontainbleau that is same has since stood empty, approximately 70 percent complete, on the side that is north of vegas Strip. It’s an attractive, luxury building yet not one customer that is single stepped foot in the doors in its 12 years of existence.

Calling on a Poker Champion

Bobby Baldwin was the 1978 World Series of Poker Main Event champion. He’s one of the most poker that is legendary of all-time and, as a result, is a part for the prestigious Poker Hall of Fame.

But he’s been similarly effective not in the poker globe. As a executive that is corporate he’s assisted in the growth of many Las Vegas casinos and properties, such as the Mirage and Aria Resort and Casino.

Most Recently, he served as a CEO for CityCenter, a casino and hotel center across the vegas Strip. He’s additionally the namesake for just one of poker’s most card that is iconic – Bobby’s Room – inside the fabulous Bellagio, an MGM property on the Strip.

Baldwin, 70, reportedly had a falling out with MGM in 2018. He mysteriously resigned from his executive position somewhat out of nowhere. Few anticipated the departure and it was clear there was some animosity between the poker that is former champ additionally the major casino brand name.

After A since his MGM Resorts departure, Baldwin is back in business year. The high-stakes poker great takes over as CEO and vice chairman of The Drew, which plans to open its doors in 2022. That is, of course, assuming the construction and funding goes as planned this right time around.

History for the Drew Las Las vegas

The Drew had been initially called the Fontainbleau whenever construction started in 2007. It had been meant to be a sister property for the Fontainbleau Miami Beach resort.

But simply couple of years into construction, following the building ended up being about 70 per cent complete, the task went into bankruptcy. Subsequently, a hotel that is high-rise the Las Vegas Strip has just sat there empty, overlooking one of the most iconic roads in America.

In 2017, Witkoff Group, an investment firm, purchased the property for $600 million with the intention of completing the construction and eventually opening up august. A concrete date that is openn’t yet been set but the builders are shooting for sometime in 2022.

The hotel name switched from Fontainbleau to The Drew Las Vegas because the owner that is new Steve Witkoff, desired to honor their dead son or daughter. Witkoff’s son, Andrew (short for “Drew”), passed on last year from an OxyContin overdose.

It is likely to price around $1.2 billion to accomplish the construction associated with Drew. Therefore, whenever you element in the $600 million cost, the owners that are new eventually pay nearly $2 billion to open a facility that has sat empty for a decade.

But Witkoff doesn’t intend to lose money on this investment. He expects a rebirth of the Las Vegas Strip’s end that is north a location for the Strip who has struggled in modern times due to the fact properties for the reason that area have become out-dated.

If Witkoff expects this become a fruitful business, he’ll need a little bit of fortune and a staff that is talented. That includes Bobby Baldwin, a poker champion and an experienced executive that is corporate the casino niche.(*)

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