Precise amount of Touchdowns Prop Bet Super Bowl 2021 Payout – Chiefs-Bucs

Payouts for the number that is exact of scored in Super Bowl 2021 range from $425 to $9000 on a $100 bet or $42.50 to $900 on a $10 bet.


Here are the payouts below.

Rot Total Touchdowns Scored Moneyline
4034 0 Touchdown
4035 1 Touchdown
4036 2 Touchdowns
4037 3 Touchdowns
4038 4 Touchdowns
4039 5 Touchdowns
4040 6 Touchdowns
4041 7 Touchdowns
4042 8 Touchdowns
4043 9 Touchdowns
4044 10 or more Touchdowns

Though the payouts differ that is likely each Super Bowl, we are able to make reference to the aforementioned figures when reviewing latest championship games.

Super Bowl 54 showcased the Chiefs and 49ers with a complete of 6 touchdowns scored. The payout was at the range that is favorite of42.50.

Super Bowl 53 was one of the lowest scoring Super Bowls and one that paid big for those who bet low on the Exact Number of Touchdowns prop bet. With only a touchdown that is single, the payout ended up being $4500 on a $100 bet and $450 on a $10 bet.

Super Bowl 52 had nine touchdowns scored for a payout that is sweet of70 on a $10 bet.

Super Bowl 51 included 7 touchdowns during regulation and another in OT. This was the Super that is first Bowl enter overtime. The payout had been $55 for each and every $10 bet.

– Tony Caliente,

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