Precise amount of Field Goals Scored Prop Bet Super Bowl 2021 Payout – Chiefs-Bucs

Payouts for the number that is exact of goals scored in Super Bowl 2021 range from $270 to $2000 on a $100 bet.


Here are the payouts below.

Rot Total Field Goals Scored Moneyline
4051 0 Field Goal
4052 1 Field Goal
4053 2 Field Goals
4054 3 Field Goals
4055 4 Field Goals
4056 5 Field Goals
4057 6 or more Field Goals

Super Bowl 54 witnessed three field goals scored for a payout of $27 on every $10 bet using this year’s numbers.

Super Bowl 53 featured three field goals in one of the lowest scoring championship games ever.

Super Bowl 52 had five field goals for a $48 payout.

Super Bowl 51 only had two despite the reaching that is total.

– Tony Caliente,

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