Polk Bluffs Off Winning Session, High Stakes Duel Reaches Midway Point

Doug Polk bluffed off a massive session lead on Day 22 against Daniel Negreanu, but still holds a sizable lead at exactly the midway point. That is, of course, assuming Negreanu doesn’t opt to quit.

Doug Polk Daniel NegreanuDoug Polk Daniel Negreanu

Doug Polk lost again but still leads big overall. (Image: YouTube)

The poker stars played their shortest session to this point on Monday due to reaching the halfway mark (12,500 hands). They both agreed to cut the session short as this is the point in which the losing player (Negreanu) has the option to throw in the towel without penalty.

Negreanu, however, has made it clear he intends to see this thing through to the full 25,000-hand mark. But he did admit in the post-game interview on the GGPoker YouTube channel that he isn’t 100% committed to continuing. The long-time poker rivals will get back to the virtual felt on WSOP.com on Jan. 4, assuming Negreanu doesn’t end the match.

Doug Polk Awaits Opponent’s Decision

All Polk can do now is wait and see what Negreanu decides. He’d like to continue as he feels he has a significant edge in heads-up no-limit hold’em against the GGPoker ambassador. On Monday, however, he gave back some of his massive lead due to numerous failed bluffs.

Polk began the session like he has on many days — busting out to a big lead. At one point, he was up more than $130,000 on the day. In one hand, he took an entire stack from Negreanu with pocket aces up against pocket jacks. He also hit a few sets to win big pots. But then it all came crumbling down quickly.

Negreanu ended up winning around $46,000 for the day in 279 hands, and now trails by $764,000 with potentially 12,500 hands left to play (12,500 complete). His hour-long comeback was almost exclusively due to Polk’s failed bluffs.

The most crucial hand of the day, Polk had nothing and punted off approximately $75,000, bluffing into Negreanu’s nut straight. Moments later, Negreanu called off a $40,000 river over-bet with K-10 (he had just top pair) and was correct.

The future of this challenge now hangs in the balance. Negreanu isn’t ready to commit to making a decision, so we’ll wait for him to weigh his options. If the match continues, they’ll be back in action Jan. 4 at 2:30 pm PT. If not, Polk exits with a $764,000 profit.

Jon SofenJon Sofen

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Jon Sofen

Semi-pro poker player with 17 years experience on the felt and more than five years working as professional poker media.

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