Polk and Negreanu review their play

Doug Polk is formally resigned, once again, after winning Daniel Negreanu to his heads-up challenge by $1.2 million as well as a lot of side bets.

He has indicated, however, that he still has some coaching in him. He has committed to releasing a amount that is decent of surrounding this challenge and contains stated he’s pleased to mentor other players in heads-up challenges later on.

No sooner did the process end he thought about Negreanu’s game than he released a very detailed video on what. This included the areas he improved on, the leaks he still has and his thoughts on the coaching he got:

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A lot of people think that the $1.2 million loss that Negreanu suffered will ultimately prove a very beneficial form of coaching he has had to raise his game over the 25,000 hands for him, given how much. Then this video if pure gold for KidPoker and something he should watch over and over if so.

Especially as Negreanu’s own contribution to the content that is post-challenge is another video clip where he bemoans their all-in EV.

Of course when it comes to Negreanu, these videos were mostly produced for laughs in addition they were extremely funny. Without doubt we shall get a far more information orientated expression in the 25,000 arms from Daniel in due course.

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How much do you consider Negreanu has improved throughout the last 3 months? Inform us within the comments:

Barry Carter

Barry Carter

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