Pocket KKs my hand that is favorite to cash with

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It seems pocket Kings are my achilles heal. Why do they win just about 30per cent of that time period. Because a person with an ace will probably phone a preflop that is 3bet regardless of the size. Shove – yep they still are a callin. 200bb shove pre – yep A/4 sooted binks the ace to scoop the pot. Of all the hands we play – which hands do you think you are losing the money that is most with – in tourneys mostly, perhaps not money games. Mine is Kings.

hi hi!!! Pocket KKs  my Favorite hand to lose money with
i agree!
i lose with KK final 3 times i have *sighs*

Pocket KKs  my Favorite hand to lose money with

hugs, Krista poker site name: kcorbee
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