Patience and Persistence

It’s been awhile since I posted but today I was down $500 (maybe closer $600) but I blame myself, I played into too many negative shoes, waiting for it to turn positive.

I walked up to a table that just turned $10 (was $25) and told the dealer I needed a good shoe. She asked how I was and I said “alright could be better, just down a little but it just takes one shoe”. So didn’t know where to cut it, just cut it close to the front.

Count immediately jumped to +20 one deck in. The best round in that shoe I had was towards the end where I split 2 aces, got a face on each; doubled down on 11 and got another face and dealer busted. I made $800 that shoe ($300 that round alone)… I tipped her $10 and walked away $300 ahead. I was ready to eat a big loss today but I’m glad I stayed and believed in the math.

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