Optimal card counting for some type of computer

i have been attempting to develop an application written in python to determine the count that is true a game of blackjack and maximize my winnings.

The table:

  • 8 deck shoe (about half of it is played until reshuffle)

  • everyone has the same cards and plays versus the dealer, extra cards are dealt to anyone who wants them

  • can split any pair

  • dealer stands on any 17

  • can’t surrender

  • blackjack pays 3:2

  • can also place side bets on: dealer or player pairs, dealer busts with 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 cards (each with a return that is different, dealer plus player cards equal 21, directly or flush with all the first 3 cards

The concerns are:

  1. What counting system must I make use of? Presuming we keep a fantastic accurate count of all cards which were played and keep a perfectly accurate count that is true on the deck penetration. I don’t need to remember anything, the computer does all the work so I’m looking for the most system that is optimal the simplest. We searched online and saw the Thorp Ultimate could be a great one.

  2. What Other feature that is extra I implement that maximize my winnings? For example bet size in correspondence with the count that is true

  3. Any Other tips that are extra would make my winnings higher? eg: Playing a table that is normal others? Using negative bets?(I don’t like as the card adding system I have would be way better).

    I*) I did my research online and couldn’t find many articles detailing computer aided blackjack, just some already built programs (witch am a CS student and I can probably understand any paper and/or mathematics that are semi-advanced that really should not be a problem.

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