Odds in baccarat patterns

About 1/3 shoes I play have some kind of repeating pattern in them. Sometimes 2/3. Sometimes the pattern repeats all the way to the end of the shoe, sometimes it repeats for “just” say ten hands or so, but it’s pretty easy to benefit from the pattern.

You have to look at actual shoes to understand this.

How about this shoe. You’d have to be brain dead not to win handily on it. With only one exception player never went past two, and there were bank runs galore. I won a fair amount on it barely betting, but the pit boss commented that their bigger players would have easily cleared a million or more. That is the pit boss’ hand pointing at the shoe as he commented on how much his big players would have cleared.
Side by side runs are a Baccarat player’s dream. You just play one side until it ends, then the other, then the other. And then look at the “Chinatown” indicator on the bottom row – all red with only one exception. Every time that indicator came up you could bet bank and pretty much always win.

How about this one:

all I had to do was every time player hit, bet bank. Player was single almost all the way through. Only two exceptions.
Take a look at Chinatown on rows 3 and 4 – with only one exception on each row, which – even better – you got out of the way early on, Chinatown indicates BANK every time. Again, you’d have to be brain dead not to clean up on such a shoe.

I had an even better shoe the last day I played at the third resort of my trip, this latest trip, where the bank NEVER went more than one – the entire shoe. Every time bank hit, BAM! it was time to bet player. I saw the pattern early on and eventually bet it for – really nothing – but still 1800 each time. I cleared about twenty thousand on that shoe, even betting relatively small like that.

These aren’t just patterns that you think are there, these are patterns that are there – and repeat. Taking advantage of them is all that remains to be done.

As long as you push it sufficiently and really clean up when these patterns present themselves, and bet small or not at all when they do not, you may walk ahead at Baccarat pretty consistently.

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