North Star Mohican Casino Resort installs air purification system to protect guests from COVID-19

BOWLER, Wis. (WAOW)— A goal at North Star Mohican Casino and Resort is for guests not to contract COVID-19 while enjoying themselves at the casino.

Recently, in an effort to achieve this goal, they’ve installed a new air purification system.

“It creates high volume of ions positive and negative—so whether we are talking about allergens, dust, bacteria—they attract to that and the ion attaches to it,” said Terrance Miller the director of Security and Facilities.

The system makes sure the air is filtered in all 262,000 square feet of the building.

It’s just another layer to protocols already in place even before stepping into the casino, like temperature checks and mask wearing.

This is something healthcare worker Marge Clark said she is grateful for as she enjoyed her day off at the casino.

“I am happy to have anything to help keep people safe and have a good time an hopefully have some fun,” Clark said.

Not only are staff going around and wiping down equipment, but on each machine there is a button that you can request to have your machine cleaned again right in front of you.

“The health of every one in our community is so important and especially our elderly, so it is better to be safe than sorry,” Clark said.

The casino is using new technology to help keep patrons safe as possible.

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