#NewzHook2020 – Top innovations of 2020

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From a tool that enables visually impaired people to draw diagrams to an Indian designer who has launched friendly T shirts T-shirts, 2020 saw many promising innovations, developed by Indian start-ups and inventors for people in the country that promise to transform the lives of people with disabilities. 2020.

Bengaluru-based inventor Paul D’Souza launched Roulette, a drawing tool that opens a whole new world for blind and low vision students, who are usually discouraged from studying mathematics, specifically geometry, given its visual nature. This lack of access translates into a detail of opportunities in academics and employment. Roulette promises to change that.

Robotic exoskeletons developed by Delhi-based start-up GenElek Technologies are finally bringing affordable exoskeletons to people in India. This will help people with spinal cord injuries, paralysis and other conditions affecting lower limb mobility.

Certain kinds of clothing help children with autism and other neurological conditions feel more secure. These are expensive and not affordable for most families in India. Designer Saakshi Mahnot‘s autism friendly Deep Compression T-shirts aim to fill this gap.

Vasai-based start-up Robo Bionics has launched Grippy, a range of affordable prosthetics for below the elbow amputees. These will help them feel a sense of touch, grip control and offer adaptive shape control that is user-specific.

And finally check out NeoFly, the personalised wheelchair launched by start-up NeoMotion. It promises to change the way people with physical disabilities and the elderly move around. Find out how!

All Indian innovations aimed for Indians. truly atmanirbhar.

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