“Naming” for blackjack trouble amounts

Hello community, i’ve a blackjack game where all dining table guidelines are modified. The overall game has 4 “pre-set” trouble levels. Those cover things like dealer strike on soft 17, 5 card charley, pay on push, blackjack payout ratio, range decks in footwear, DDAS, etc. therefore, my concern, just what if the pre-set amounts be called?

Casual >> Friendly >> normal;&gt that is&gt Las vegas ?

For context, level 1 an individual makes cash on average, degree 3 is considered the most typical blackjack game you will discover generally in most gambling enterprises, and degree 4 may be the worst settings for the ball player (in other words. that which you find on the cages strip). The overall game starts in level 2. want tips and ideas through the community. Many Thanks!

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