Momma Cat Number 1…Misty

The second cat that I got was Misty. The same person, a young person whose father’s was the custodian in the apartment complex I lived in, introduced me to this cat as well—by sneaking her into the car when I was visiting the individual at the halfway house they were in after a crime they were involved in. Yes, the person had a sordid, to be mild, past. They were also addicted to needle usage from their use of industrial grade silicon in order to augment their body, followed by cocaine and/or heroin usage which resulted in their death at the age of 34…so cauctionary tale there for those tempted to doo drugs.

Anyway, the person actually placed the cat in the car, and both I and Roy were too soft hearted when it came to cats so that meant she went home with us. And thus begin the reign of terror. She was a cat that didn’t like the word “no” even more than most and WOULD sneak out of the house, which led to another couple of cats, by the way, but that story will be in another post. She also considered me her personal possession and would go toe to toe with me in an instant.

I remember getting so irritated with her that I almost gave her to someone that was going to let, no make, her be an outdoor cat, but at the last minute she acted so sweetly and docilely (the first and last time she ever did that, by the way) that I relented. Here she is, in all her glory.

Laying on one of Roy’s shirts.

In every one of these pictures she looks as sweet and innocent as you could imagine. Trust me, she was a tyrant. She would often lay on my hip when I was lying on the sofa. If I moved even a quarter of an inch, it would tick her, and she would jump down, stomp off, and go and find Pie, the older cat, and slap him. How dare he witness my insult to her dignity. ?

Oh, and I have already thought and accepted the old thing about what irritates us in others is what irritates us in ourselves, also known as a parent having trouble with the way a child is like them instead of the way they are different. She and I were a lot alike, she was the “child” I had the most trouble with because she was likely the one most like me. Pie was more laidback by a long shot, and the rest of my cats were as well. Misty was my challenge..

Oh, and I always think of her as being tiny as compared to Pie, at least, but she became a bit of a butterball too, maybe a trend sitting in here…LOL

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