Mississippi Lottery announces its first daily draw game

Cash 3 will be available starting Tuesday, September 1

By Kate Northrop

JACKSON, Miss. — Since officially launching on November 25, 2019, the Mississippi Lottery will be releasing its first-ever daily draw game this coming Tuesday, September 1.

In Cash 3, players will pick one of eight different play types and choose a three-digit number from 000-999. Players can also elect a Quick Pick option, which allows the lottery terminal to randomly choose their numbers for them.

Prior to Cash 3, the Lottery offered two national draw games, Mega Millions and Powerball. Cash 3 will be the third draw game it offers, but the first to be drawn within the state.

The winning numbers will be drawn by the lottery using a computerized drawing system.

“Many of our players are well-versed with this style game from playing in surrounding states,” Mississippi Lottery Corporation President Tom Shaheen told Lottery Post. “It is a very popular game, in particular, east of the Mississippi River. Players enjoy the variety of methods to play and win.”

Prices for lottery tickets are $0.50 and $1, with prize values ranging from $36 to $500, depending on how a player chooses to play. Multi-draw tickets can be purchased for up to seven drawings in advance.

“Players enjoy this game because of so many ways to play and win,” Shaheen said in a press release. “Regardless of how many people play or how many people win, the set prize amounts are the same.”

Players also have the choice of eight different play types including a unique “1-Off” option where players can win a prize if any one digit in their number is off by one number up or one number down. For example, if 476 is drawn and the player has selected the “1-Off” option, they can win a prize if their number is 376, 576, 466, 486, 475 or 477.

Lottery ticket sales for Cash 3 start at approved lottery retailers promptly at 5:00 am on Tuesday, September 1. Retailer hours of operation may vary.

Winning numbers will be published on Lottery Post’s Mississippi Lottery Results page at approximately 9:50 pm CST every day.

Cash 3 prizes and all winnings under $600 can be claimed at approved retailers. Prizes exceeding $600 can be claimed by mail or at Lottery headquarters in Flowood. Players who hold winning tickets valued at $100,000 or more must claim their prize at Lottery headquarters.

Mississippi players might also be excited to know that the Lottery is considering a daily-4 number game and a daily-5 number game in addition to Cash 3, similar to what other lotteries offer.

“Many players have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of this game,” Shaheen stated. “While a large number of Mississippi players are already familiar with this daily draw game popular in surrounding states, it will be new to others.”

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