Missed out on a $18k progressive bonus at an Indian casino in Ca due to a drunk kid.

Happened years ago, but thought I’d share. I was playing “4 Card Poker” at Morongo. I was in the far left seat (last to get cards) and my buddy was in seat one. I was doing pretty good up to this point lol. So this drunk 22ish year old stumbles up with his gf and sits in the middle. He asks the dealer if the “game is hard” to figure out. She says no and ensures him she would help him out. So my buddy and I place our antes and the $1 for the bonus progressive. The kid outs his money out in the wrong spot, but the dealer helps him out and giggles. She pulls the first sets of cards and hands them to my buddy. Just barely grabs the next set to hand to the kid….he asks if he can sit out this hand to “watch how it works”. She hesitates and literally says she not supposed to. Calls for the “floor” a few times but he was busy. Ends up pushing his bet back to him and says she won’t do it again. Proceeds to hand me his pile of cards and she takes the pile I…would have gotten. I look down to two pair. Not bad, maybe it worked out in my favor. The dealer opens four Aces and a Jack. She opened the progressive jackpot. Four Aces is the highest. She realizes what she had done and immediately starts apologizing to me. To top it all off, the kid stands up grabs his drink and says “man, you guys got killed” and walks away. Ugh, he would have got like $800 table share i believe if she didn’t push back his friggen bet!

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