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Hapa population helps connection racial divisions

A current Pew Research Center research unveiled that among Democrats or those tilting Democratic, 78% state the nation hasn’t gone far sufficient to make sure Ebony individuals have equal liberties with white individuals. That’s when compared with simply 17% of Republicans or those GOP.

that is leaning I the vast majority of Hawaii Republicans is reflected in that 17%. And as a Democrat, 78% falls far short of 100%.

The current partisan politics is fueling the divide that is racial it goes beyond African People in the us to add all minorities.

The link between a 2000 Census questionnaire claimed that Hawaii has a mixed-raced populace of 24.1%, in comparison with about 2.4% associated with population that is national. Our hapa population is at the heart of our community’s that are multicultural to reside in general harmony.

Bridging our country’s racial divide might seem insurmountable. But then maybe we’ll all get along.

Dan if our country could start to look like Hawaii Nakasone


COVID relief plans spend money U.S. doesn’t have

I keep hearing about the COVID relief package. The Democrats want $1.9 trillion and the Republicans want $600 billion.

My question is: Where is this money coming from? Do we have a account that is special?

We already are $27 trillion with debt and Washington does seem to care n’t.

John Berry


Ige leaves residents in the dark about benefits

More than a month after Congress enacted legislation to strengthen the safety net of unemployment and rent relief, Gov. David Ige has offered the public guidance that is little whenever people and families across Hawaii will get these important advantages.

This not enough transparency was a hallmark because of this management, showcasing incompetency across divisions. Ige asks people to be hopeful and also have patience. Yet the background may be the state prioritized a $38 million agreement to install thermal imaging and recognition that is facial at airports last July, instead of replacing a decrepit computer mainframe to process unemployment benefits that people rely on to prevent homelessness and food insecurity.

Ige Owes us more responsibility and accountability.

Eduardo Hernandez


Hawaii is place that is perfect fans of gambling

I am 70 years old, and recently relocated to Las Vegas. My wife and I used to come to Vegas four to five times a year. So we decided to move here.

Hawaii has to wake up and legalize gambling. Can you imagine how money that is much residents have actually taken to vegas many of these years? Just two states haven’t any gambling: Utah and Hawaii.

Hawaii is ideal for gambling enterprises. That would not need to come quickly to Hawaii and lay in the coastline through the and go to a casino at night day? I choose to go to Las Vegas in the desert or to tropical Hawaii?

Hawaii can use the tax revenue to boost the economy if I were going on vacation and liked to gamble, would. I shake my head, thinking that some of the money could stay in Hawaii.

Gamblers when I go to Downtown Las Vegas and see all the Hawaii residents are going to gamble anyway, so why not keep the money in Hawaii? I have been gambling my life that is whole i understand the things I have always been dealing with.

Eddie Okamura

Las Las vegas

Gambling a burden that is costly South Dakota

Legalized gambling will not solve Hawaii’s budget shortfalls, struggling economy, and challenge of getting Native Hawaiians onto home lands.

Please do not succumb to such thinking that is false

I Am on Maui once again for 5-1/2 weeks this right time and love everything about your beautiful state. It is too cold and snowy in South Dakota right now for me!

I am a former educator and a former city councilor in the largest city in South Dakota. I served on the Sioux Falls City Council for eight years. My husband Dave is a state that is former and Senate bulk frontrunner, and had been when an applicant for governor in Southern Dakota. We understand federal government.

We understand perfectly that legalized gambling has resolved none of our issues. Movie gambling (video slots) continues to destroy families, additionally the social expenses far surpass the ”( that is“revenue casinos on all nine Indian reservations and in historic Deadwood and a lottery system, we have an video that is incredibly devastating system owned by their state. The addict that is biggest by far is the state of South Dakota. Beyond sad.

Go to the South Dakota Department of Revenue site and look at the true figures yourself. We started video gambling on Oct. 16, 1989. Exactly what an emergency!

De Knudson

Sioux Falls, S.D.

Do perhaps not enable obstacles to shut down state Capitol

We should never encircle our state Capitol with fences. Its thoughtful, symbolic and people-friendly design represents our unique and history that is beautiful environment and culture.

Its Sculptures, artwork and memorials must remain natural, accessible and open. It’s not to be “protected” by pubs, gates, hair and guards that scream exclusion, fear and rejection.

The Capitol is a place that is public individuals coming together and employed by the most popular good, perhaps not an ugly, unwelcoming fortress.

Hawaii and its particular individuals accept the aloha nature of love, comfort, compassion and a understanding that is mutual of. Walls and other barriers that separate us from our leaders are not needed and are not welcome here.

John Hoshibata


Shame to paint over brightly bridge that is colored*)How we loved that brightly painted bridge on Nehoa Street, between Makiki and Anapuni Streets. Some citizen that is patriotic painted it red, white and blue.

But Alas, one person complained, and the populous town jumped in and repainted the connection a homogeneous brown. Oh, I Will Be heartbroken! A beautifying that is great to our neighborhood was destroyed. Can’t we be patriotic anymore?

Karen Abe

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