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A Russian secret agent died after, got drunk together with a pal, he chose to have fun with the “Russian roulette“. Article website link

The 007, known as Denis D., was at reality killed into the game that is dangerous due to a gunshot from the weapon owned by his friend. Article link

The victim, 36 years of age and father of three children, in fact, he paid dearly for the choice to take on that challenge that is potentially lethal he had been in circumstances of alteration because of liquor. Article website link https.html( that is://– Advertisement –

The news of the secret agent’s death was reported on Wednesday by international newspapers and the place of the tragedy would be was near a Zapovednik, that is to say a protected area that is natural. Article website link

The event has been examined by the police that is local aimed at clarifying how the events took place.

According The victim had held important top secret positions at Lubyanka, the Moscow headquarters of Vladimir Putin’s counter-intelligence service, theFsb to police reconstructions. Inspite of the delicacy and significance of their part imposed book and care on him, Denis hadn’t recently quit investing an alcoholic night in a club with a pal of their, a architect that is 42-year-old. Also on the basis of what investigators have ascertained so far, the two would have had two bottles of brandy served, thus deciding, once they left that room, to drain a bottle that is third of in the pub, whilst travelling the best way to the architect’s house. . Just like the 2 had been on the method, the 42-year-old could have the notion of ​​playing roulette that is russian his friend Denis and the first would have exhibited “

as a joke”, Before the eyes of 007, his own pistol, to be used for this dangerous challenge.

Article link secret agent would thus have accepted the proposal to try his hand at that game that is potentially lethal straight away getting the designer supply the offending weapon. The 42-year-old would therefore go into his house to get cold water in the fridge, when, suddenly, he heard someone


after giving him the weapon in his hand. Immediately after leaving the house, the architect would have found Denis lying on the ground lifeless, apparently killed while playing Russian roulette using the weapon that is 42-year-old’s. After the authorities had been notified, the friend that is surviving at the sight of the agents, justified the possession of that gun by claiming that he had legally purchased the weapon for reasons of personal defense, that is to protect his house in the countryside from thieves.
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The objective of the investigators is currently to establish whether or not what the architect said about the circumstances of Denis’s death corresponds to the truth.(*)Dear reader.(*)I hope you are in health and well.(*)I offer you instructions that are important this informative article(*)

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