In Conversation With APT#24 PLO Highroller Winner: Karan ‘bozo’ Kapur

The Indian Poker scene has had a brilliant start to 2021! We’ve had super high guarantee series and record breaking tournaments across the leading platforms in the country! It has also been great in terms of the sheer amount of talent that India has when it comes to the beautiful game of poker! This is something that as an poker industry we can all be proud of.

Today, we’re talking about another rising star from the poker industry, Karan Kapur.

Over the last couple of months, Karan has been grinding the online felts regularly and has really caught the attention of a host of regular players online and certainly caught our attention with his consistently high placements in some of the biggest poker tournaments in the country.

He has been playing regularly for last 2-3 months and has already made massive cashes in feature tournaments such as finishing 2nd in the IOPC #109 – Titan Stack 25 Lakhs GTD, 2nd again in the Adda52 Big Game 50 Lakhs GTD and most notably, Karan shipped the incredible APT#24 PLO Highroller 25 Lakhs GTD!

PokerShots got the chance to talk to Karan himself about his incredible run as well as how he started playing poker and what’s next!

PS: Tell us a bit about yourself. What do you do other than crushing high stakes poker?

KK: I’m 24 years old. I am an undergraduate from Delhi university. Right now, I’m working. I joined my father in business after college.

PS: How did you start on your poker journey? When did you first pick up the game?

KK: I started playing poker during my first year of college with my friends. One of my friends had introduced us to the game and we all just got addicted to it. We loved it . We used to play at least 5 times a week in the first two years of college. Gradually, I was introduced to online poker in 2018-19 i think . Since then I’ve been playing on and off whenever I get time from work. Last month I put in the extra hours because there were a lot of valuable series on all sites with huge guarantees so i wanted to give it a shot. Gladly it was a successful one.

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PS: Congratulations on your APT PLO Highroller victory, tell us some excerpts from the tournament.

KK: Thank you so much. I was very confident going into the tournament.I have mostly been playing mid to high stakes PLO cash games for a couple of years now and I just stuck to how I play. I didn’t change my game and got into a lot of hands post flop. I think I had an edge over the others post flop. I got really unlucky and lost a major pot just before late-registration ended. I almost thought I was out going to bust out but I was able to build my stack again after that! After that, I won a couple of important flips and till heads up, it was an easy ride for me.

PS: How does your family feel about you playing poker?

KK: My family doesn’t mind me playing poker. For them it’s about finding the right balance between doing what you love and working. Till I manage both my work and poker, they do not have any issues. This is something I’m really grateful for! My friends have always been really supportive.

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PS: Who are your role models in the poker fraternity and otherwise?

KK: I have always been a Phil Ivey and Daniel Negreanu fan. But if we talk about the Indian circuit, I admire Sriharsha Doddapaneni‘s game.

PS: Do you remember any crucial hands or moments that cemented your position in the tournament?

KK: As far as I remember , I only had two big hands, one was when my A-A-K-T held up in a three way all in the mid stages. And another one huge pot that I played for the chip lead was where again, I had double suited A-A. I don’t exactly remember the hand but the other guy had two pairs while I had a flush draw and a set I guess. All I remember is that it was a huge pot with about 150 big blinds and it gave me an outright chip lead!

PS: What are your future aspirations when it comes to playing poker

KK: I don’t really have any big aspirations to be very honest. I’ll be playing whenever I get time from work. I just love the game. For me, in life, right now my work is my priority. Poker has always been a big stress buster for me. I have no plans to take it up professionally. For now my focus will be on playing only the major events and series like the Asian Poker Tour! I would like to thank PokerBaazi for hosting the Asian Poker Tour Online Series to India and I’m hoping for some more great events in the future!

Karan Kapur has racked up over INR 65 Lakhs in lifetime earnings on online poker and as we can see, he only likes to go for the big ones! We can all be pretty confident about that number rising and crossing the 1 Crore mark really soon! It’s always a pleasure to promote and tell more people about the incredible amount of talented poker players that we have in our country and we can’t wait to introduce more super players like Karan Kapur to you guys!

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