Impact Wrestling Results (2/2) – Brian Myers and Hernandez to face Matt Cardona and Eddie …

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Brian Myers welcomed Impact Wrestling Results back from commercial as he headed to the ring wearing an eyepatch over his injured eye to let us know what’s on his mind.

He said he feels responsible for the shape he’s in because he willed his rivalry with Eddie Edward into existence, calling Edwards the most unprofessional wrestler ever.

He said Edwards was once a great, classic wrestler, and added that Walter Kowalski is rolling in his grave that Edwards have become a backyard glorified stuntman.

He then issued a challenge to Edwards for No Surrender so he knows what it’s like to be in the ring with a true professional but said he can’t do that and pulled out a doctor’s note.

He was unfortunately interrupted by Edwards coming out and attacking him after sliding into the ring between Myers’ legs and he beat Myers down.

Hernandez climbed into the ring behind them and grabbed Edwards from behind and started pounding on him after spiking him into the mat.

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This is an unexpected pairing, and Matt Cardona topped that by coming in and knocked Hernandez out as he wants a piece of Myers and stood by Edwards’ side.

Edwards was grateful for the assist and is an interesting twist on his new more aggressive style that leans more heel than not.

It’ll be pretty cool to see Edwards balance the two going forward, and he and Cardona could be a solid tag team in the future, too.

Swinger’s Playground

In the backstage blackjack game, John E. Bravo beat Alisha Edwards again, then handed the money over to Johnny Swinger.

Alisha told Swinger he should pay Bravo more, and Swinger said he picked Fallah Bahh to be his best man and he should be grateful to have a job.

Alisha asked why does it feel like they’re always in Swinger’s world, and Bahh said it feels like it’s groundhog day.

Edwards and Cardona bond

Backstage, Edwards thanked Cardona and Cardona said Myers isn’t the type to hide behind a doctor’s note and he doesn’t know who he is anymore.

Edwards said they should head to the office and make their match a tag team match between them and Myers and Hernandez at No Surrender.

Cardona was in agreement and they headed off to do that. Impact Wrestling results are curious how the new Cardona and Myers feud will play out. This is going to be a fun one.

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