How Would You Grind Out $67 Per Day?

How Would You Grind Out $67 per day?

Before we start, please know that I understand (and don’t need the following commented) that:

This is gambling. Gambling is inherently risky and no strategy/system is foolproof, and that’s there’s a significant chance I would lose everything. Generally speaking, this is a losing proposition. Yes, I get this. So please consider comments like, “Flush your cash down the toilet,” heard and appreciated.

So. Assume you HAD to put forth a plan. You couldn’t just say, “Impossible.”

I’m thinking of trying something at the start of next year (2021), conducting sort of a “degenerate experiment,” if you will. I’m a relatively experienced gambler and have been testing various systems with blackjack, roulette, and sports gambling. Basing my daily cost of living at $67 per day, what I’d like to do is this:

Go through as much of 2021 going to a casino each and every day, and grinding out $67.

The daily goal would be: go into a casino early in the morning, “earn” that daily grind and walk out. We all know that part of gambling’s danger is NOT leaving while ahead. If, in theory, I won $67 on the first hand of blackjack, theoretically I’d just get up and walk out. Then, the next day, do it again.

How would you attempt to grind this out? Specifically,

  1. What would you feel your starting bankroll needed to be? A month of cost-of-living is $2,010, so is that the safe amount to start with, to prevent catastrophe?

  2. Would you try to build an emergency fund first while you “earned” your daily $67, then go from there?

  3. What money management system would you use?

  4. Would you stick with blackjack? I understand that roulette is a better game for the casino, but let’s assume we’re using both games. What strategies might you employ?

  5. In that vein, how would you treat sports betting? What if the rule was, I had to play each type of game (roulette, blackjack, and sports betting) at least one play per day?

  6. I understand using a Martingale betting system is a recipe for disaster, and that table maximums basically eliminate this as an approach anyway. What betting system(s) might work best for this approach?

This is something I’m pondering, and I’m well aware it’s a fanciful (read: self-destructive) idea. Again, I get that. Consider it a thought experiment, which can be adjusted as things go…

Thanks for reading.

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