Great Stay – Review of Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV – Tripadvisor

I wanted to drop a quick note from my most recent stay at the Golden Nugget. We arrived on January 24th and stayed through the 26th. We were using a comp stay and was greeted with a wonderful front desk clerk. She was friendly, talkative and a great presence to greet us upon checking in. I wish I would have caught her name. We were surprised and grateful to find out our comp was in the Rush Tower. It was gorgeous accommodations and after long days of enjoying Vegas the soaker tub was definitely utilized. I wish I could give 5 stars as Golden Nugget has a special place in our hearts as we are Vegas Vacation regulars(3 to 4 times a year). I have to give it 3 stars due to 2 big issues we experienced.
1. We went to Claudes Bar to enjoy $1 Keno and cocktails after we checked in. Golden Nugget is the only casino in in Downtown with Green Lights you need to hit in order to get complimentary cocktails. This doesn’t bother us and we have no issue betting at this level because we easily can lose that much money on the floor slots much quicker. It was a change in shift as one bartender took my husband’s order and the other coming on shift decided to fill it. My husband leaned over to talk to me for a minute and his green light must have turned off during our quick conversation. The new bartender made a huge scene shouting “Was his light green?” to the other bartender repeatedly. It was extremely embarrassing. Needless to say we finished our cocktails and moved on to another casino. We chalked it up to someone having a bad day and vowed to not let it deter our vacation.
2. We returned later that night, played a few slots and returned to the Rush tower elevators to return to our room. I am going to make a long story semi short with the following: I appreciate you need a room key to get to your floor in these towers. What I do not appreciate is no security to be found around this area. Not just one but both nights, we had 2 different scammers waiting for people in this area probably hoping they had too many drinks and playing on the fact that no security is there. They tried to jump on our elevators saying they lost their room keys and asking to ride with us. The first night, we made the mistake of letting them on and it clicked once the door closed that this person did not have good intentions. I quickly grabbed my husband off the elevator as I pressed the close door button on our way out. It was super creepy. Then the next night new person, same story. I was more direct this time and said she was not allowed on the elevator as a room key is required to get to her floor and did not let her on.

We still had a great vacation but honestly it kept us from spending much time at the Golden Nugget. Will I not visit the Nugget again? No, I love the Nugget. Just hoping these types of situations get resolved

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