Free Fire: weekly schedule from March 10 to 15; Magic Roulette and collaboration

We tell you all the contents of the Free Fira weekly agenda between March 10 and 15. Learn about Magic Roulette, discounts and much more.

Free Fire continues its path of content unstoppable. The team after the successful free to play reveals its roadmap between March 10 and March 15 of the same month. This week’s wave has as its main protagonist two objects of collaboration of which information has not yet transpired, except that it will be “with those who gave their hearts to fight for humanity.”

Free Fire weekly schedule from March 10 to 15: contents

Then we leave you the contents revealed so far. Refill your diamonds and drain your inventory for what is to come:

  • Wednesday March 10: discount on Vietnam sandals.

  • Friday, March 12: object of collaboration “Call to …” (to be determined).

  • Saturday March 13: Incubator and Recharge discount (tickets, skins and more).

  • Monday March 15th: “Magic Roulette” collaboration object (to be completed).

The agenda stands out for the presence of St. Patrick’s Day, which seems to indicate that we will have an event around March 17. In any case, we must wait for official confirmation from Garena.

The same can be said of the two collaboration objects about which absolutely nothing is known so far. The track, which we said earlier, does not make the team’s intentions clear either. What will we see in that weekend strip? We will have to stay tuned for the next few days to find out.

The performance of Free Fire on iOS and Android devices is very high. At the beginning of March we knew data from the last 12 months, which placed Garena’s game in the first position among the most downloaded games on mobile phones of all 2020. The appearance of figures such as Cristiano Ronaldo has increased the interest of users to jump into the game. adventure.

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