First Person Interactive RNG Table Games by Evolution Gaming

When you hear the name Evolution Gaming, the first thought that springs to mind is live casino gaming.

Yet, for those of you that are not so familar with the brand, there is more to this developer than meets the eye. This multi-award winning iGaming software provider also delves into HTML5 ‘virtual casino game’ with intelligent RNG alortihms that that are designed to produce results according to the probability of a live game.

And, there is plenty of good news if you are a cryptocurrency player because Evolution Gaming offers BTC blackjack, BTC baccarat, and BTC roulette tables as well as a host of other popular casino games like Dragon Tiger and Bingo style Megaball plus you can place bets using other cryptocurrnecies such as BCH, ETH, and LTC!

If you are a DOGE casino player, unfortunantly Evolution Gaming has not yet introduced this crypto to its tables, but it could happen in the future so stay posted here on the mBitcasino blog because if it happens, we will be the first to let you know.

What are ‘First Person’ table games?

‘First Person’ table games by Evolution Gaming use picture-perfect 3D rendering to give you a crystal-clear animated casino table without the need for a croupier or dealer. All tables are exclusive to just 1 single player and so you get a table all to yourself. That means you can take your time when placing bets as there is no clock ticking down for each hand, coup, or spin.

Many of the tables come with an option to speed up the the gameplay so you can get through your variation quicker, and you can play multiple tables at once!

On top of this, you have sound controls, table view settings, and some games give you a ‘free go’ option so you can play a hand without placing any crypto on the table in between your live bets. This is incredibly handy if you are looking for trends before you place your next bet.

What’s more, is that every one of these tables uses HTML5 code so you can play on your smartphone, tablet, PC, laptop, or any other device with a web browser that connects to the World Wide Web. This also means you can play these games from just about any operating system.

Currently, Evolution Gaming Operates 8 First Person Games:

· First Person Roulette

· First Person Lightning Roulette

· First Person Blackjack

· First Person Baccarat

· First Person Dragon Tiger

· First Person Football Studio

· First Person Dream Catcher

Each one of the Evolution Gaming titles in this list is a virtual 3D game operated by an RNG. You will also find that there is a live table equivalent streamed via a webcam and hosted by a live dealer, croupier, or game host depending on whether the game has a wheel, cards, or bingo ball system!

First Person Roulette

This table uses a single ‘0’ and gives you a stunning 3D animated look and feel to the table – in fact, it is as close as you will get to playing on a live dealer table but instead, these tables put the speed of the game and timing of bets into the player’s hands giving you more control while still getting the live casino gaming vibe.

The layout of the virtual felts use a French Roulette cloth with all the usual inside and outside betting options plus a ‘French bets’ section so you can wager Voisins du zéro (neighbors of zero), Jeu zéro (zero game), Le tiers du cylindre (third of the wheel), and Orphelins (orphans) section bets.

There are also options to speed up the wheel and there is no timer.

First Person Lightning Roulette

Yet another fantastic 3D Evolution Gaming RNG roulette table with exactly the same virtual felts as the ‘First Person Roulette’ version but slightly different gameplay.

On any given coup lightning strikes between 1 and 5 numbers on the roulette board indicating multipliers will be applied to anyone that lands a winning straight bet. These generous multipliers can be between 5x and 500x your win so 35-1 could turn into 17,500-1 at any given time if the 500x multiplier appears.

You can see the attraction to this version of roulette and it kind of put the ‘First Person Roulette’ on the back burner because you can play ‘First Person Lightning Roulette’ in the same way but with the added chance of multipliers that costs you no extra!

If you are going to give this game a shot, check out our 5 pro roulette tips.

First Person Blackjack

BTC, ETH, LTC, and BCH blackjack players all appreciate the unique 3D animated table gaming environment of Evolution Gaming’s astounding ‘First Person Blackjack’ table. It is so well designed that it is as close as you will come to live blackjack while playing on a virtual table.

This table uses the 8-deck rule, multi-hand gameplay, and a house edge of 7.79% (92.21% RTP). Some of the house edge sways back in the dealer’s favour because this game does not allow hit split aces, re-splits, or double downs after a split. However, you can double down on any number, so you double down with a 3-3 hand or hard 9 as well as hard 10, 11, and soft 11 or 12 if you are playing according to basic strategy.

Another fun addition to this table is the 2 side bet options. These are ‘Perfect Pairs’ and ‘21+3 side bets’ but if you are playing basic strategy, you may want to avoid side bets altogether. Taking side bets is down to whether you are playing winning blackjack or playing blackjack for fun!

First Person Baccarat

Another popular Evolution Gaming cryptocurrency table game is ‘First Person Baccarat’. This table gives baccarat players a first-class high-definition VIP experience with super-rich 3D virtual graphics, animated card shuffles, and is pretty much how all virtual baccarat games should be played.

One of the most unique features is that on this version of baccarat the RNG does not shuffle the cards in a constant shuffle mode. This is so they can build up as they would on live casino game giving you genuine baccarat trends.

You get to choose from 12 baccarat tables with 6 standard tables available and 6 no commission tables all available in the game’s opening ‘Baccarat Hall’. This is a 3D hall with all 12 tables laid out giving you an almost virtual reality experience that looks remarkably like a bingo hall. You can also play multiple tables in this ‘Baccarat Hall’ if you choose.

Even though each table variant has 6 styles, the tables all have different views. You can also opt to shuffle the shoe and sort tables by roads or streaks. In addition to this, each table uses 8 decks, so the house edge is 1.06% (98.94% RTP) on the ‘Banker Bet’, 1.24% (98.76%) on the ‘Player Bet’, and 14.36% (95.64%) on the ‘Tie Bet’.

No Commission Tables: The key differences to the regular baccarat table are that the ‘Banker’ bet does not come with a 5% commission on any wins, but if you win with a total of 6, you will be paid 1:2 instead of 1:1. What this means is that if you bet 10 mBTC you will be paid 15 mBTC instead of 20 mBTC. Aside from this, all wins pay 1:1 and the tie bet 8-1.

Regular Tables: All banker bets are subject to a 5% commission and all wins pay 1:1 while the tie bet pays 8-1.

Adding to this, there is also plenty of ‘side bet’ action. Perfect Pairs, Player/Banker Bonus, Super 6, and Pair Bets. Plus, if you want to play a ‘freehand’, you can!

If you like the look of this, then before you play make sure you brush up on your Baccarat strategy by reading our Winning Baccarat Strategies guide.

First Person Dragon Tiger

Baccarat players may also enjoy a dabble on the Dragon Tiger tables as this game has some similarities. Once again, Evolution Gaming went all out to create a spectacular immersive 3D and crypto table gaming environment.

In this game, there are just 2 cards dealt on the table making the gameplay and betting extremely easy. Simply bet on 1 of the cards to be higher or lower than the other with Ace being the lowest and King the highest. You can do this by placing your bet on Dragon or Tiger!

If you win, then you paid 1:1 on your bet. There is also an option tie bet that pays a whopping 11-1 which kicks Baccarat’s 8-1 tie bet out of the park! If the tie produces suited cards, then enhanced 50:1 odds are paid out on the bet

House Edge on Dragon Tiger Bets:

· Main Bet: 3.73% (96.27% RTP)

· Tie Bet: 10.36% (89.64% RTP)

· Suited Tie Bet: 13.98% (86.02% RTP)

This is a private table so bets can be placed at your leisure with no timers, and you can speed the gameplay up or slow it down. Meanwhile, First ‘Person Dragon Tiger’ also gives you free bet options so you can see the outcome of the next hand without betting any crypto helping you predict the result of the next hand.

Evolution Gaming’s ‘First Person Football Studio ‘is very much like Dragon Tiger. The key difference is the layout of the table is a football pitch with home and away end which are your 2 main betting options. You can also bet on a tie.

A win will pay 1:1 while getting the tie bet correct pays 11:1. At the same time as placing bets on this game, the latest football scores and news are streamed to a live feed on the table.

First Person Mega Ball

This is a game show or lottery style game that also has a live version. The ‘First Person Mega Ball’ is Evolution Gaming’s virtual RNG operated version of this game. If you love your bingo-style bets, then get some crypto down on this game.

It is also the perfect game for when your grandparents are around. You can pull this game up on your tablet, smartphone, desktop, or laptop and purchase between 1 and 200 cards simultaneously. As the Mega Ball dispenser shoots out 20 balls out of 51 numbered balls, your cards will start to cross off the numbers, and the more lines you make, the more you win.

Mega Ball adds more excitement to the game by giving you multipliers if any of your winning lines contain the numbers drawn on the 19th and 20th Mega Balls drawn out of the dispenser.

First Person Dream Catcher

The last and final ‘First Person’ game on our list is Evolution Gaming’s world-famous Dream Catcher wheel. It seems like an unlikely suspect to get this game onto an RNG operated system but the decision to do so has proved to be a good one as both the live and virtual Dream Catcher games are equally popular.

This is a 3D animated wheel with the same suspense and excitement as players bet on the number, they think will come in. Numbers are separated on the wheel and there are also 2x and 7x multipliers.

The key difference in playing this ‘First Person’ virtual Dream Catcher version compared to the live version of the game is speed control and bet frequency. The wheel only spins when you are ready to play and you can set the wheel spin speed to ‘Relaxed’, ‘Normal’, or ‘Fast’.

What’s Next for Evolution Gaming First Person Crypto Gaming?

As Evolution gaming continues to add more casino games to its catalogue the firm is also going to continue releasing RNG operated virtual table games that are fully enabled for BTC, BCH, ETH, and LTC bets.

Monopoly, Crazy Times, Sic Bo, and several variants of poker are still yet to make into the Evolution Gaming ‘First Person’ gaming library, and we fully expect this software provider’s next release to be one of these games, but you never know as Evolution Gaming has a habit of surprising us!

Check out what Evolution Gaming has to say about its ‘First Person’ games in the video below!

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