Finest Scoring Quarter Prop Bet Super Bowl 2021 Payout

Typically the scoring quarter that is highest in an NFL game is either the 2nd or 4th and this is demonstrated by the odds. Such is the case with Super Bowl 2021 with the 2nd quarter paying out $15.50 for every $10 bet and the quarter that is 4th out $24 for each and every $10 bet.

Highest Scoring Quarter

First and 3rd will usually spend the very best, nevertheless the 4th quarter has yielded many level of points into the two newest Super Bowls.

Option Odds
First quarter +650
Second quarter +155
Third quarter +600
Fourth quarter +240
Two or even more quarters to possess equal highest score +900

The final two Super Bowls have experienced probably the most scoring occur into the 4th quarter.

Super Bowl 52 between your Eagles and Patriots ended up being an appealing one proper whom were riding this bet that is prop.

The third quarter appeared as if it might have paid out with 21 points scored and a payout in the $500 to $600 range perhaps. But look again and you shall see Q2 had 22 points scored. Ouch!

1 2 3 4 T
PHI 9 13 7 12 41
NE 3 9 14 7 33

24 points had been scored into the second quarter of Super Bowl 51 between the Pats and Falcons, resulting in the payout that is highest for the reason that game.

And in Super Bowl 50, the 4th quarter saw many number of points scored but by just an individual point a lot more than in Q1.

– Tony Caliente,

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