Find the Right Game Genre For Your Gaming Style

UNITED STATES—Now that staying in is the new going out, have you considered gaming to help while away the hours? The world of video gaming is as vast as it is various. You may think that gaming isn’t for you, perhaps because you think it’s all about fighting and shooting and you’re a ‘make love not war’ kinda guy or gal, but chances are you just haven’t found the right genre yet. That’s where we come in. We’re going to talk you through a few options in the hope that you’ll feel inspired to give gaming a go.

Gambling Games

Online casinos offer a huge range of games, most of which you’re probably already familiar with. You’ll find all the classic card games on offer, so if your weekly poker night is on hiatus, video poker or live casino poker could be the next best thing. The great thing about casino games, of course, is that you could win yourself a nice little jackpot. And there is very little skill required to get started. Check out to find a new casino, and then make the most of the welcome bonus to try out a few games risk free.

Puzzle Games

Gaming is a great way to exercise your brain. Studies have shown that playing video games can help keep your memory sharp and help ward off dementia in your golden years. Puzzle games are a great way to stimulate brain activity, and there are plenty of puzzle games to choose from. A quick search will reveal a huge range of word games and number games that you can download and play on your mobile or tablet, so you don’t need an expensive gaming console to get started. You’ll also find plenty of social-gaming puzzle games that you can play online against real opponents – you can even get your friends involved. Chess, backgammon, Tetris, crosswords, and even trivia games can all be found in video game/online game format.

Action Games

For those of you that prefer a little more action and a little less conversation, we suggest first person shooter games or fighting games. These games are great for helping improve your reflexes and reaction times. You’ll need to think fast, but not hard. Gaming consoles, like Xbox and PlayStation, have a huge variety of shooter and fighter games, but you can also find a number of excellent options that you can play on your PC. With first person shooter games, you’ll see the action through the eyes of your character, and you’ll need to shoot your way through each level. There are a huge variety of themes within this genre, so you can choose to shoot zombies, for example, or aliens, or enemy soldiers. With fighter games, you’ll see the action as a spectator, but you’ll be in control of one of the fighters. You’ll need to get to know your controls extremely well if you want to advance through the levels.

Adventure Games

MMO, or massively multiplayer online, is a genre of gaming that allows you to enter an online world and play a game with thousands of other online players. These games usually involve role-play of some kind and you will experience the game through the eyes of your character. Some notable examples of MMO are World of Warcraft and Elder Scrolls. With a game like World of Warcraft, you’ll journey through the game’s unique landscape completing missions and solving problems. However, MMO games can also be first-person shooter games, such as Fortnite or Call of Duty. In Fortnite, for example, you get dropped into the Fortnite landscape and you’ll need to start shooting other players and keep shooting until you’re the last player standing.

Simulation Games

Simulation games are a great option for anyone who likes the idea of entering another world but doesn’t necessarily want to have to fight to stay in it. A game like Sims, for example, will give you the opportunity to build your own world. You get to set the landscape, you get to choose the characters within it, and you get to decide who stays and who goes. This type of game can be hugely satisfying, and it’ll get your creative juices flowing.

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