Find the Best Bars with Pokies in Australia

In Australia, pub life is popular. A good beer down at the bar with a couple of mates is one of the most relaxing Aussie pass times and forms an important part of Straya culture.

Aussie bar visits are unique and are completed by the offering of legal pokie machines for gamers to embrace with a brewskie in hand. This adds a fabulous new dimension to pub entertainment, allowing patrons the chance to win added cash to buy a round or two with.

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Interesting Facts

Australia hosts 2.5% of the world’s pokie machines, but only constitutes 0.3% of the world’s population. In fact, if you exclude Japanese Pachinko machines, the figure is closer to 6% of all the pokies machines in the world. That’s a massive number of machines.

A figure of around 241,000 pokie machines worldwide are found in non-gambling venues, with a massive 183,000 (76%) of those found in Aussie pubs and clubs alone.

Remove the pokies from pubs and you remove the authentic Aussie vibe.

Pokie Bar Reviews

At DiceDealer, we are sold out to providing you with the best local pokie pubs and club venues in Australia. With hundreds of establishments in 6 states, it is vital that we are able to whittle them down for you to provide bucket-list destinations that have received rave reviews from us and the public.

We have opted to vet these venues in-house to ensure that we can provide you with a list of the best bars with pokies in the country.

We review the pubs by looking at several categories, specifically:

  • Selection of Pokie Machines: The top selection of Bars with Pokies all have a good selection of exciting games to play.
  • Opening Hours: The best venues have longer opening times. This gives patrons a longer chance for enjoyment.
  • Overall atmosphere: People enjoy bright venues with a fun atmosphere. We have a look at the overall experience of each bar we review. Added amenities and services go a long way to ranking a pokie venue well in our books.
  • What’s on the Menu: A good vibe is always accompanied by good food. Our selection of pokie pubs is always paired with a tasty menu.
  • Public Reviews: Word of mouth is a big factor in the success of a business. It’s vital to listen to the experiences of others in determining the performance of a business.

Personal preference is always a factor when it comes to selecting a bar and pokie venue of choice, but we remain objective in our processes to ensure that the average visitor will walk away from their experience at the venue satisfied and eager to return.

The Current State of Pokie Play in Australia

After shutdown restrictions, some pubs and pokie venues were delayed in re-opening to the public. Fortunately, pokie play was re-opened to the masses in most states of Australia in June, so players looking to have a few spins can head down to their favourite spot for a flutter without delay.

A Pokie Bar Near Me

We have narrowed down a list of 10 of the best bars with pokies in Australia. We admit that there are many more amazing places to visit in the country, but the following prove to be favourites time and time again.

Unlike commercial casinos, the venues are open a limited number of hours, thanks to the regulations that govern their alcohol licenses. For 23 hours of pub entertainment, the exception to the rule on this list, is the Sporting Globe in Richmond, Victoria. This venue offers high-quality fun with so many added amenities that add positively to your experience.

We have listed each of our top-rated venues by area/state.


  • The Waggon Sports Bar


  • Spectators Sports Bar
  • The Sporting Globe Richmond
  • Torquay Hotel
  • The Sports Bar, Crown Casino
    • Open from 11 am to 2 am on the weekend
    • Crown Entertainment Complex, 8 Whiteman St, Southbank, VIC, 3006


  • The Backpage Sports Bar and Grill
  • Adrenalin Sports Bar
    • 127 Charlotte St, Brisbane, QLD, 4000

New South Wales

  • Churchills Sports Bar
    • Open 7 am to 6 am daily (closes 12 am on Sundays)
    • 534 Anzac Parade, Kingsford NSW 2032

Western Australia

  • Rogan’s Sports Bar
  • Edz Sports Bar and Bistro
The above-listed bars provide great meals, drinks, and pokie entertainment. Be sure to keep an eye open for some fabulous bar specials from time to time.Current Bar Specials with Pokies

Currently, two of our recommended venues have some stand-out pub specials that may appeal to eager Aussie pub-goers. These include:

Churchills Sports Bar: $4.70 for Schooners

  • Thursday from 5 pm to 6 pm
  • Friday from 5 pm to 6 pm
  • Saturday from 12 pm to 2 pm

Beers are dirt cheap if you make it for happy hour. Do not miss this special!

The Sporting Globe

There are daily menu specials to accompany your pokie play. These may change from time to time so be sure to phone ahead if you’re keen to join in on the fun.

  • Monday: Half Price on Wings, Ribs, All Pints, and House Wine. KIDS EAT FREE
  • Tuesday: 12 Wings and a Mystery 4 Pack for $25. KIDS EAT FREE
  • Wednesday: Parmas and Pints on Special
  • Thursday: All Burgers $14.90 with beer battered fries $9.90 and Beer Jugs $15.90
  • Friday: $5 Schooners on Friday

Be sure to check out the pub sites on a regular basis for more specials and offers from time to time.

Free Pokies

Playing pokies at bars and pubs in Australia is done with real money unless the establishment runs specific specials that come with complimentary tokens for the games. Free pokie (Link to Pokies Page) play is usually offered online where players can take advantage of special bonuses and offers for free spins of the reels. This provides the ideal platform for avid pokie players to demo their favourite games before hitting the pubs to try them out for real.

Win with Pokies

When gambling, fun is a sure thing! All game outcomes are randomly generated and are fully luck-based. Like they say: “You need to be in it to win it.” This means that the best hope of winning is to carry on playing but do so responsibly.

If you are down at the pub, keep an eye on the local pokies, especially on the machines that are not paying out. Once the players move away, hit those machines for a chance to trigger a bit of luck.

Pokies pay in cycles determined by the volatility of the machine. If one hasn’t been paying for a while, you can bet your bottom dollar that it is likely to payout soon.

Pokies payout based on a multiplier of your stake played. Ensure that your bets are high when the lucky combinations are landed; this way you will ensure the best potential of top rewards from the machine.


Enjoy the pub culture of Australia because it truly is unique. Embrace your heritage and live it to the max. If you are a visitor to the nation, be sure to make an effort to play the pokies and frequent the best bars around to experience the authentic Australian pastime for all its worth.

Use this helpful Dice Dealer guide to the best Pokie Pub options in the land.

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