Final Scoring Enjoy regarding the Game is supposed to be Prop Bet Super Bowl 2021 Payout – Chiefs-Bucs

The final scoring play of Super Bowl 2021 prop bet pays out of $280 to $9000 on a $100 bet, $28 to $900 on a $10 bet.


The Chiefs touchdown pass will pay $280 on a $100 bet and it is the favourite.

The Bucs touchdown pass will pay $320 on a $100 bet.

A Chiefs security while the score that is final $9000 for each $100 bet.

Rot Last Scoring Play of this Game Will Be Moneyline
4066 Chiefs every other Touchdown
4067 Chiefs Field Goal
4068 Chiefs Safety
4069 Chiefs Touchdown Pass
4070 Chiefs Touchdown Run
4071 Buccaneers Any Other Touchdown
4072 Buccaneers Field Goal
4073 Buccaneers Safety
4074 Buccaneers Touchdown Pass
4075 Buccaneers Touchdown Run

– Don Shapiro,

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