Drive-in ‘Cupid’s Bingo’ held in Hampstead afternoon

Participants were required to stay inside their vehicles during the bingo games (Photo: Matthew Huddleston/WWAY)

HAMPSTEAD, NC (WWAY) — A drive-thru bingo event was held Saturday with a Valentine’s theme called ‘Cupid’s Bingo’.

Participation was five dollars, and all attendees were required to remain in their vehicle.

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Bingo numbers were called out over the radio, with winners asked to honk their horn and flash their lights to notify staff.(*)Although the event was a twist that is unique traditional bingo, organizers state that isn’t the first time they’ve held games with this particular structure.(*)“We additionally did this previous in Burgaw, and we’ve done two of these previously,” co-organizer Zach White said today. “We did one at Thanksgiving and we did one at Christmas. We try to do them themed around the holidays.”(*)Organizers say they’re working on setting up a Bingo that is‘Bunny simply with time for Easter.(*)

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