Doug Polk wins heads up challenge against Negreanu for $1.2 million

Winner Winner Polk Dinner!!

After what appeared like a long time, the poker that is much-publicised match is finally over.

And Doug Polk won! Huge! 1.2 Million!

Doug Polk Vs Daniel Negreanu challenge recap

Polk vs Negreanu blood that is bad been there for years, with the former using his Youtube channel to express his displeasure on Negreanu’s playing style, openly criticizing him whenever an opportunity showed itself.

Well, last year, they decided to duel on the felt in a winner-take-all grudge match. Initially, the heads-up challenge was scheduled to start in but it was later rescheduled to November.

The october challenge didn’t have a time that is specific but it was to run perpetually until 25,000 hands were complete. However, the player that is losing a chance to get rid of the task prematurely during the halfway mark.

Doug Polk dominates Negreanu

Negreanu began instead highly and quickly built a $ lead that is 116k just 200 hands-which were played live. However, after the transition to, the run that is hot fizzled away. Polk won significantly more than $200k through the session that is second a jaw-dropping, aggressive performance.

Negreanu’s luck continued to deteriorate as he lost more than $160k in the session that is third. Nevertheless, he had been in a position to win straight back $87k through the session that is fourth. Polk run of bad beats soon ensued and he lost more than $350k over four sessions, with Negreanu holding on to a $ lead that is 179k

However, big victories in session 9,10, and 11 assisted Polk to regain the lead, which he held on to before the end that is very

Polk wins final session for $255k

Going to the final session, Polk already had $ lead that is 940k. Since Negreanu’s comeback during this period ended up being virtually impossible, everyone expected Polk to relax and play your time.

However, he went in harder than before and won roughly $255k during the final end.

Cumulatively, Polk managed to win $1.2 million off Negreanu.

In Addition, he shall make roughly $550k from different part wagers where he had bet on himself. Talk of confidence.


Enjoy your retirement february. I think we will see you in some tourney that is big a couple of years, but guy you might be residing the fantasy. Your efforts provides you with the choice to simply stop (that is strange, difficult work/quitting) and make a move else. GL GL in your journey, just don’t quit trolling

— James McCue (@jamestmccue) February 4, 2021

Also appreciate the kind terms ^^

— Doug Polk (@DougPolkVids) February 3, 2021


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