Does variety of crypto in gambling matter to you ?

Almost all the crypto gambling platforms with or without third party partners and sports betting usually support only bitcoin . Bitcoin was the only crypto that was accepted mostly in online gambling sites until lately a lot of new sites certified and better got into the gambling industry with the motto of making gambling full decentralized and provably fair making the industry more easily accessible and reliable .

This is when the traditional method of accepting only bitcoin for gambling changed permanently and a lot of new sites started implementing the support of more and more cryptocurrencies which bought in even more users . Ive seen some casinos with support to nearly 14 different popular cryptocurrencies .

Honestly I love playing with $XRP cuz its one of my biggest gainers on my portfolio and sometimes stable coins like $USDC cuz its pretty easy to strategies and accumulate profits . So I would say variety in crypto support on gambling sites matters to me a lot .

What about you guys ?

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