Do you guys do 50/60/70 roulette? – Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn

thehikikomori posted…

I’ve always felt the 5/6/7 roulette needs better rewards. More exp when leveling up would be nice. Anyways no I haven’t touched 5/6/7 roulette in months and won’t till once 6.0 launches. IIRC it doesn’t reward revelation tomestones so it’s a worthless roulette for me personally.

I think the idea is that because it gives tomes (which kind of function as EXP at endgame in a “tomes = gear = raised stats” logic) it doesn’t give much actual EXP on top of that. Still, it does feel like it needs better rewards than it gives.

I really want them to add guaranteed gear drops to the dungeons, at least. There are gear pieces from those dungeons I’ve never even seen.

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