Do casinos rebate or bump up tier status for losses?

Not a huge high roller or anything but did end up losing $5,000 in like a 24 hour period Sat/Sun in Vegas which I think is the most for me so far. Staying at Paris Las Vegas (one of Caesars Properties). Losses were in a sports bet and on craps.

In the past I’d win or loss a $1,000 or two so was wondering if $5,000 loss qualifies for a rebate or a bump to Platinum if I’m very close to it. I usually take a 2-3 trips during the year and able to get to Platinum based on that but only took one trip this year (this one) due to Pandemic but thought my greater play this time around would get me there but did not.

tldr: New to the sub. Just wondering if $5k loss at a casino in a day allows for any rebates or comps other than the usual things you already get, especially at Caesars properties but any other casino info would be helpful too. Thanks.

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