CreditKarma Follow Up – Gambling Winnings Vs. Losses

On the recent thread, JustASalesGuy22 said that he could put in his total gambling winnings in the “Gambling Winnings” section of CreditKarma and then go to the Deductions page and put in the losses. When I go to the Gambling winnings page, the only thing it asks for is information for a W2-G. I’ve tried flipping from the standard deduction to itemized and it does not change. CreditKarma support also had no relevant advice.

Has anyone else been able to enter winnings without the W2-G requirement?

(I tried reaching out and replying in the original thread, but never received a response for help, which is why i’m opening it to the group. Also, I am just exploring the numbers right now, not finalizing a file so save the see a professional as I will still be considering that.)

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